False ceiling in coimbatore


As soon as we hear about your need over the phone, we immediately make ourselves available the following day. The entire process takes hardly any time. The following day, we come to your house after getting your call for assistance.

We come to your location, make recommendations based on your expectations, measure your needs, and then leave you with additional recommendations and an estimate.

After the idea is accepted, we will provide you with sample images so you can choose your own home in your own way. Following your choice of ceiling, we will send you a quote for your needs.

Following all the preliminary steps, your home’s masterpiece will be created as we sculpt the required design. We do this while maintaining a cool, collected, and orderly workflow. Once your ceiling has been framed out, the lighting process will begin.

Before we fix the pop ceiling, we do give all the wire facilities. We are not electricians; we are lighting assistants. Following the lighting process, we begin by boarding the pop ceiling and finish with the boarding procedure.

Characteristics of Vox Soffit ceiling

  • Aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from a variety of colors and panel designs for the false ceiling.
  • When the panels are fixed, they appear seamless. A perfect example of understated elegance!
  • Feels and looks like natural wood.  We are captivated by the beauty of wood ceilings, but wood has several drawbacks, including the fact it is not weatherproof and can be infested with termites.
  • There is a natural and warm feeling to the VOX ceiling.
  • It is suitable for all weather conditions.  Both indoors and outdoors, VOX is specially designed for both. The product is 100% waterproof.
  • VOX Inftratop ceilings are not affected by rains or humidity. Water cannot also get logged in the grooves on the panel.
  • Despite extreme humidity, these products are completely free of fungus and algae growth. As well as being heat-resistant, it is also durable.
  • Unlike real wood ceilings, the design of the ceiling is aerodynamic and so can prevent wind damage.
  • A water-resistant material. 100% water-proof material is used. Like gypsum or POP ceilings, the soffit ceiling panels are not damaged by roof leaks.
  • Materials that are flexible and bendable.  False ceilings from VOX are extremely flexible and durable, unlike other varieties in the market that may break easily.
  • It is important to note this feature. In case I ever have to change the electrical fittings in the area where these panels are installed, easy and safe removal of these panels is guaranteed in contrast to HPL or ACP ceilings.
  • Lightweight & thin.  Lightweight ceilings can be used in any extended area without adding additional weight, unlike real wood ceilings.
  • Easy to maintain.  VOX ceilings require little maintenance because of their special features. Additionally, this product is reusable.
  • The process is easy to Due to its locking features, it can be dismantled and re-used in any other space unlike other false ceiling materials.
  • Suitable for: Residential, Shops, Homes, Villas, Apartments & Showrooms
  • Concealed false ceiling
  • Grand royal look
  • Natural wooden finish
  • No need to painting

Brand : VOX

Natural golden oak = Rs 185/-


  • Length : 2,7m
  • Overall width : 340 mm
  • Usable width : 300 mm
  • Quantity in a package : 10 Pieces
  • Number of m2 in a package: 8.1 m2

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