False ceiling in coimbatore

The pop ceiling is simply a one-time investment for your life and a meager investment for your lifetime. It is cost-effective and we provide service right from small budget to high budget. Usually, pop ceilings are used in many places since we offer a cost-effective service and an appetizing look through it.


On-site visit within 1 day*


Hustle-free estimation


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Characteristic Of A Pop Ceiling

  • The pop ceiling is a feature weight material it is also a durable material.
  • Pop acts as a good heat insulator.
  • Pop are good insulators of fire therefore they are impervious to heat and fire.
  • Pop Ceiling does not shrink so there is no worry of cracks in them.
  • It can be easily mixed with water and it forms a soft texture to the batter.
  • Though it is soft and easy to mix with water it adheres to the surface very hard and it is not easy to break it.
  • Indirect lighting  to give a glossy feel can be given  through patterns of ceilings in your house
  • The pop ceiling gives you an aashetitic look to your home
  • Pop ceilings also provide an antique look to your home.
  • The pop ceiling can be molded up to any size or shape according to your comfort.
  • Simply say it stays the way you choose the look of your ceiling. a simple pop can change from home into an antique one, aesthetic, divine, modern, glossy contemporary, etc,

Simple 4- Step Workflow


We make ourselves available the very next day as soon as we receive the call of your requirement. The whole workflow takes a minimal amount of time. We visit your place the next day and we receive your call for need. We visit you onsite and suggest you as per your expectation and then we take the measurements of your requirements and further leave you with suggestions and the estimation.


Later on, after the acceptance of the proposal, we will give you sample photos to decide on your own house in your way. Once the ceiling selection is made, we provide you with the quotation for your requirement.


After all the initiation process here comes the masterpiece of your home. we start sculpting your required design, we do maintain a calm composed, and tidy workflow, we keep it clean we don’t make it a messy process once your ceiling is framed out then the process for lighting starts we do provide all the wire facilities before we fix the pop ceiling we are lighting helpers but neither nor electricians after the lighting process we start with boarding the pop ceiling.


After the process of boarding, we move on with the process of meshing the Plaster Of Paris in a chicken mesh. In Order to maintain a clean work environment, we have powdered Pop. We mix those Pop powder with water and coat it on the chicken mess.

Once the coating is completed it moves with the process of primer, and the primer acts as a foundation as it acts for us.


Finally, the whole process ends with the painting process.

Note: We do not provide a painting service.

*  One day-visit and estimation only for clients who are from Coimbatore and Ooty city Only.

Suitable for:

  • Residential, Shops, Homes, Villas, Apartments & Showrooms.
  • Concealed false ceiling.
  • Grand royal look.
  • Rc concrete roofing finishing.
  • Paint ready finish and ready to apply wallpaper.

Brand: Saint Gobain-Gyproc, USG
Standard Steel= Rs 60/-
True Steel= Rs 70/-
Ultra Steel= Rs 80/-

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