False ceiling in coimbatore

Create a new look always with a single piece of gypsum partition, a one-time investment to always keep your house renovated.

Partitions have been a trend seater nowadays. It’s all about fashion at a reasonable price. It’s better to fix a gypsum partition rather than building a wall as a gypsum partition  is not fixed. It can be renovated and remodeled in the same place as you wish it can be used at any place and at any time they are durable.

They can be moved to any place of service, largely gypsum partitions are used in houses, hotels, bakery, for office cabins, etc. it is an easily portable partition where you make a one-time investment to give your house a different look as desired.

It can be remodeled as of your own wish simply say you can remodel your house with a single piece of gypsum partition instead of renovating your house you can just move a single piece of gypsum partition from one place to another by giving your house a new look.

Characteristic Of A Gypsum partition

  • Gypsum acts as a decorative object. It adds beauty to the place.
  • Gypsum partitions are light weighted ones.
  • It is fire resistant and soundproof layer
  • It starts with the process of sawing and ends with the process of sticking.
  • It gives you an architectural look.
  • It is been widely chosen by people because of its durability and its easy installation process.
  • It acts as a decorative material too but it is incomparable to any other.
  • Easy installation.
  • The length is up to 48 in wide and 8, 10, 12, or 14 ft. long.
  • Suitable for: Residentials, Office, Shops, Showrooms, Factory & Toilets
  • Apply & Fixing: Door, Windows, Painting & Wallpapers
  • Conseleded Partition
  • Look Brick wall finishing
  • Easy fixing & Removable, Easy change room size, Weight less
  • Low fixing time

Brand : Saint Gobain-Gyproc

Price : Rs 100/-

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