Gypsum False Ceiling

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Gypsum false ceiling

A false ceiling is made out of gypsum plasterboards, which are fastened to a metal frame that is fastened to the soffit. Since gypsum plasterboard is available in larger sheets, there are fewer joints. Jointing compound is used to complete the joints. The installation of gypsum plasterboard is a cleaner, more efficient, and healthier process because less residue and dust are created. The strength of the gypsum plasterboard is great. Gypsum boards’ hydrophobic properties make them widely used for false ceilings.
Gypsum plasterboard can be used to create a false ceiling with a wide range of design options. Gypsum plasterboard is the finest material for false ceilings because of its versatility.

beautiful floral design with yellow and pale green lighting

Why is gypsum the best false ceiling material out of all others?

Temperature Insulation
Gypsum false ceilings improve the room’s air conditioning. Gypsum boards therefore have the ability to insulate heat and keep your home cool. The original and false ceilings’ air-filled gaps trap cold air inside the space and enhance insulation.

Protection against Fire
Gypsum is the most frequently used artificial ceiling material because of its capacity to withstand heat. It consists of a core that contains chemically combined water, which makes gypsum false ceiling heat resistant.

Noise Insulation
Gypsum false ceiling reduces noise to enhance communication by serving as an acoustic barrier between rooms. It is the ideal ceiling for residences and workplaces.

Sturdiness and adaptability
Gypsum boards are designed to form into a variety of shapes and are flexible. False ceilings with various colour schemes and architectural layouts are manufactured by SAT Interiors. Gypsum boards are an option for those seeking design flexibility.

Electrical Efficiency
Gypsum boards can help you save your electricity costs dramatically. Gypsum ceilings allow you to use LED lights that save electricity and are energy-efficient. With fewer lights, it creates a uniform distribution of light. It’s possible that the existing lighting in your room will suffice.

Gypsum Board Installation Work
We make sure to have all the necessary materials ready before beginning the gypsum board installation.

Appropriate conditions
Designers choose the location and security of the Gypsum False Ceiling mounted on the wall. They offer marks drawn to the ceilings, such as U-profile marks.

We cut gypsum boards into various forms in accordance with the client’s specifications. The board is measured for its length, width, and height. The equipment for cutting, shaping, and fastening metals with gypsum boards are used by SAT interior ceiling experts.

Insulation and installation work
Before installing the panels, plumbing and electrical work should be completed. To conceal the wiring systems, we use an access panel system. The correct locations of screws are used to fasten the gypsum boards with U and C profiles along the edges. We make sure the screw spacing is no greater than 30 cm.

Surface Coating and Finishing
We carefully repair any holes or fill any corner fractures. We seam the boards with joint compounds or tapes to get smoother finishing surfaces. We use one or two coatings of joint chemicals. Drying could take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. We begin painting the gypsum board once the entire drying process has been completed.

yellow light semi circle designs with led on four corner and fan in center

Installation of Gypsum False Ceiling: Cost Considerations
Depending on the material, labour, delivery, and installation costs, the cost of the false ceilings are estimated. We make sure to complete the gypsum false ceiling installation project within the estimated budget.
Top-quality Gypsum false ceilings could be slightly more expensive than regular ones. However, it also saves money on future renovation and electricity expenses. Although costs may vary depending on region, labour costs typically account for one-fourth of total material costs.

Why Choose SAT Interiors for Gypsum Ceilings?

  • SAT interiors are providing Gypsum False Ceilings for all places like offices, residential, shops, showrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.,
  • We are specialized in manufacturing waterproof and fireproof Gypsum False Ceilings.
  • We never compromise on the quality of false ceilings. We left no stone unturned to decorate your place with exquisiteness.
  • We have a team of ceiling experts with the best techniques and meticulousness to fit the gypsum boards.
  • SAT interiors experts are adept with trends. Our ceiling designers will customize the most artistic designs as per your requirements.
  • We provide easy installations, perfect finishing, a grand look, and low maintenance Gypsum False Ceiling at affordable prices.
  • We have 24/7 support services for any maintenance purpose. We guarantee that our branded Gypsum False Ceilings will last up to 20 years.

  • Suitable for: Residential, Shops, Homes, Villas, Apartments & Showrooms
  • Conseleded false ceiling
  • Grand royal look
  • Rc concrete roofing finishing
  • Apply painting & Wallpapers
False celling with round lamp
blue lamp light with orange border around with fan in center

Gypsum False Ceiling

Sq. ft. Rs. 70 ( brand :usg boral sheetrock gypsum board)(channel : jsw)
Sq. ft. Rs. 80 ( brand :gyproc saint gobain gypsum board)(channel : jsw)
Sq. ft. Rs. 85 ( brand :gyproc saint gobain gypsum board)(channel : gyproc xpert )
Sq. ft. Rs.95 ( brand :gyproc saint gobain gypsum board)( channel : true steel )

Note: not including in electrical and painting

Gypsum False Ceiling ( Water proof )

  • Suitable for : Strong Moisture Resistant, Bathroom, Kitchen & Water wet area
  • Thermal conductivity = 0.24(W/m’K)

Price: Rs 80/-

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