Gypsum False Ceiling

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Gypsum false ceiling

Gypsum False Ceiling is factory-manufactured plasterboard with hydrated calcium sulphate screwed to a metal frame attached to a soffit and suspended from the original ceiling. Gypsum in a false ceiling offers great flexibility and decor your place with aesthetics. It is the most preferable false ceiling that provides fire protection.

Why is Gypsum the Best False Ceiling of All Other Ceilings?

As gypsum boards are manufactured with precision in factories, the design consistency is maintained, making it ideal for false ceiling designs. Furthermore, gypsum boards are quite durable.

Thermal Insulation

Gypsum False Ceilings enhance the air conditioning of the room. Thus, gypsum boards come with thermal insulation properties and keep your home cool. The air-filled gaps between the original and false ceiling trap the cold air within the room and improve insulation property.

Fire Protection

Gypsum is utilized as the most common material for false ceilings because it has heat-resistant properties. When there are chances of fire, gypsum releases water in the form of heat. Even after the water is gone, it continues its resistance toward heat.

Sound Insulation

Gypsum False Ceiling acts as an acoustic barrier between rooms and absorbs excess sounds to improve communication. It is the perfect ceiling for homes and offices.

Flexibility and Sturdy

Gypsum boards are soft, flexible, and created to mold into various designs. SAT Interiors manufacture false ceilings with different colours and spatial designs. People willing to find versatility in designs can go for gypsum boards.

Electricity Conservation

When you choose gypsum boards you can significantly reduce your electricity bills. By using gypsum ceilings, you can use energy-efficient LED lights that conserve electricity. It produces even light distribution with fewer lights. You might not need any extra lights to illuminate your room.

Our Work on Gypsum Board Installation

Before starting your gypsum board installation, make sure you prepare the materials you are in need to work with the process.

Wall Control

The position and safety of the Gypsum False Ceiling fitted to the wall are determined by designers. They provide U-profile marks and other marks drawn to the ceilings.


As per the client’s requirements, cut into different shapes of gypsum boards. The dimensions like length, breadth, and height of the board should be perfect. SAT interior ceiling experts exploit the tools for cutting, shaping, and screwing metals with gypsum boards. The

Installation Works and Insulation

Electrical work and plumbing work are done before placing the panels. We use an access panel system to hide the wiring systems. The gypsum boards with U and C profiles along the edges are screwed at the right positions. Ensure that the screw gaps are not more than 30 cm.

Coating and Finishing Surface

We meticulously patch holes or fill cracks in the corner. To obtain smoother finishing surfaces, you can seam the boards with joint compounds or tapes. One or two layers of joint compounds are necessary. It may take up to 12 to 24 hours to dry. After the complete drying process is accomplished, we start to paint the gypsum board.

Time and Cost Consideration for Gypsum False Ceiling Installation

Depending on the material, labour, transportation, and installation charges, approximately a false ceiling can roughly cost around 80-100 per sq. ft. On the apartment types like for 1BHK it costs around 40,000- 80,000, and for 3BHK it costs around 75,000- 1,50,000.

Top-quality Gypsum False Ceiling may cost a bit higher in cost than the normal one. But on the other hand, it later saves on renovation and electricity costs. Based on the location the cost may differ but generally, labour cost is ¼ th the total material cost.

False ceiling is a simple three-step process of framing, boarding, and finishing. For a plain ceiling, It can be installed within 10 days. While it has curvature or any other design it may take up to 12 days for the installation process. There are types including plain, side corners, and two-layered ceilings.

Why Choose SAT Interiors for Gypsum Ceilings?

  • SAT interiors are providing Gypsum False Ceilings for all places like offices, residential, shops, showrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.,
  • We are specialized in manufacturing waterproof and fireproof Gypsum False Ceilings.
  • We never compromise on the quality of false ceilings. We left no stone unturned to decorate your place with exquisiteness.
  • We have a team of ceiling experts with the best techniques and meticulousness to fit the gypsum boards.
  • SAT interiors experts are adept with trends. Our ceiling designers will customize the most artistic designs as per your requirements.
  • We provide easy installations, perfect finishing, a grand look, and low maintenance Gypsum False Ceiling at affordable prices.
  • We have 24/7 support services for any maintenance purpose. We guarantee that our branded Gypsum False Ceilings will last up to 20 years.

  • Suitable for: Residential, Shops, Homes, Villas, Apartments & Showrooms
  • Conseleded false ceiling
  • Grand royal look
  • Rc concrete roofing finishing
  • Apply painting & Wallpapers

Gypsum False Ceiling

Sq. ft. Rs. 70 ( brand :usg boral sheetrock gypsum board)(channel : jsw)
Sq. ft. Rs. 80 ( brand :gyproc saint gobain gypsum board)(channel : jsw)
Sq. ft. Rs. 85 ( brand :gyproc saint gobain gypsum board)(channel : gyproc xpert )
Sq. ft. Rs.95 ( brand :gyproc saint gobain gypsum board)( channel : true steel )

Note: not including in electrical and painting

Gypsum False Ceiling ( Water proof )

  • Suitable for : Strong Moisture Resistant, Bathroom, Kitchen & Water wet area
  • Thermal conductivity = 0.24(W/m’K)

Price: Rs 80/-

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