False ceiling in coimbatore

Grid ceiling is a wonderful option nowadays, cost-effective service at an affordable price. This also acts as a saver for electricity, thus reducing electric bills.

They are generally flexible to any place, though they last long they can move from one place to another they are generally used in hotels, hospitals, fire-resistant areas, and rental buildings since they can be refurbished and remodeled anywhere with the same materials.

Later they are one of the most appetizing and customizable products, customization of the grid ceiling can be done in many ways for our own comfort grid ceilings to have an appetizing and simple look. ceilings generally give us a good look but grid ceiling indeed provides a look it looks simple and neat it is easy to remodel.

Characteristic Of A Grid ceiling

  • There is easy access to the components in the respective structure
  • Provides a good and high-energy efficiency environment.
  • The high energy efficiency capacity reduces the heat to be compressed and thus results in a reduction in the energy bill.
  • It acts as a soundproofing material.
  • It thus acts as an acoustic soundproof provider; they are used in many hospitals, hotels, etc.
  • It adds brightness to the place in which it is fixed and gives you a feeling of concrete.
  • It enhances the beauty in their own way but they are customizable in any way you like.
  • They are a t6ime and energy-saving material, they last for longer life and they are resistant to fire.
  • Suitable for: Office, Shops, Godown, Factory & Toilets
  • The paint is already finished. No need painting
  • Reusable, Weight less, Easy fixing & Removal
  • Size: ( Tiles 2’ x 2’ )

Brand : Saint Gobain-Gyproc, Nono, Diamond

Price : Rs 60/-

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