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The purpose of ceiling medallions is to add visual interest to hanging light fixtures, such as chandeliers, and to draw attention to them. As early as the early decades of the 19th century, these ornamental features began appearing in wealthy Victorian-style homes, mostly in large or important gathering rooms, such as formal living rooms or dining rooms.

A great deal of variation was found in the appearance of the medallions and in the materials they were made from. While some disks were plain and simple, others were intricately carved with flower and leaf motifs or classical Greek and Italian designs.

The more luxurious the ceiling medallion design, the wealthier the homeowners and the grander the estate. Paper-mâché was the most common material used to make them. In addition to plaster, plaster of Paris, and wood, the artisans used a wide variety of materials to create them.

A medallion made in the past was not a mass-produced piece of art: it was a one-of-a-kind piece. Ceiling medallions serve the same purpose today as they did in the 19th century; first, they serve as a decorative element and add an air of grandeur to rooms; second, they serve as a visual element that highlights the ceiling’s focal point, a hanging light fixture.

Secondly, they have always served practical purposes as well. In the past, it was used to hide dirt and soot around the light, which isn’t necessary today — though it still makes sense to hide an electrical box and wiring.

Consider these factors when choosing what type of ceiling medallion would be best for your home when considering a ceiling medallion.

Characteristics of a medallion ceiling

  • When it comes to classing up a room, ceiling medallions probably don’t come to mind.
  • People are remodeling their homes these days for a variety of reasons, including wanting to give something old a new stylish look.
  • The process of renovating a house is also an economical one.
  • It is cheaper and better to renovate the house you already own rather than buy a new one.
  • Decorative ceiling medallions offer a stylish appearance.
  • In addition to hiding flaws or imperfections in a ceiling, a ceiling medallion can also mask flaws in older ceilings.
  • Last but not least, a decorative ceiling medallion can add value and style to your ceiling while being relatively inexpensive.
  • The most beneficial aspect of installing a ceiling medallion would be that it can totally transform the appearance of an old or drab ceiling.
  • The aiIIn addition of a decorative ceiling medallion can make a huge difference to a room, even when a beautiful light fixture has been installed.
  • Adding By installing it to the chandelier you just installed adds the finishing touch.
  • Taking the room, surroundings, and fixture into consideration when choosing the medallion will ensure you get the look you want.
  • Suitable for: Residential, Shops, Homes, Villas, Apartments & Showrooms
  • Concealed false ceiling
  • Grand royal look

Brand : Sadaf, Gypol


  • Ceiling Medallions = Rs 1800/-
  • Gypsum Cornice Rft (White) = Rs 65/-
  • Gypsum Cornice Rft(Color)(White) = Rs 95/-

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