Grid Ceiling Metal Accessories

Cross Tee

Characteristics : Cross Ts are used intermittently at the specified distances and are inter locked with the Main Ts. Typically the Cross Ts are of 2 sizes: 1200 mm and 600 mm. They thus form modules which makes a mesh/grid.

Level Clip

Characteristics : The Main-T are suspended from the soffit cleat with the help of level clips.
Dimensions in mm : Butterfly Clip (85 X 30 X 0.8 mm)
Wire Rod : 4 Ø

Main Tee

Characteristics : Main Ts are suspended by suspension system and carry the weight of the Grid system. These Ts have a system of interlocking with each other in order to provide an additional length and thus form a continuous mesh across the space where they are used.

Wall Angle

Characteristics : Wall angle is fixed to the perimeter of the wall at the ceiling level to hold the Main Ts and gives a finish when it terminates on the wall.