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False ceilings are often secondary ceilings that hang below the original ceiling with the help of suspension cords or struts. SAT interiors take contracts for False Ceiling in Coimbatore to produce perfect marking and finishing of ceilings. Indeed, a false ceiling is usually a suspension from the original ceiling in the buildings. The ceiling tiles have different materials that provide various kinds of features. These ceilings are crafted from a wide range of materials like POP
(Plaster of Paris), gypsum boards, asbestos sheets, particle board, aluminium panels, wood, etc.,

Need for False Ceilings

A residential and commercial building is incomplete without proper proof. It is the topmost and most beneficial part of a building offering protection from elements like wind, high or low temperatures, rain, sunlight, snow, and other external criteria. Apart from protection purposes, the bottom of false ceilings provides a great aesthetic sense with creative and decorative panels. It has become a more popular choice in Indian homes. As well as, it provides a neat, uniform look to interior spaces. When you make installations with False Ceiling in Coimbatore companies, it is so cost-effective in operation.

Benefits of False Ceilings in Buildings

  • False ceilings conceal different kinds of unflattering wirings like electrical wiring, network cables, lighting fixtures, ducts, pipes for heating and cooling devices, and sprinklers.
  • It works as a heat insulator. It keeps your building cool.
  • False ceilings work as an acoustic barrier by minimizing echo problems. It has good acoustics properties. It behaves like a perfect soundproof material in theaters, halls, auditoriums, and conference rooms.
  • It performs as an antimicrobial element in health care centers, hospitals, and clinics.
  • False Ceiling in Coimbatore made with materials like mineral fibers, or wood panels are effective in utilization as fire separators and used for fire safety purposes.
  • With a smooth and organized surface, false ceilings are suitable to fit small lights and bulbs. Thus, making an energy-efficient solution.
  • It helps to prevent moisture and sag resistance.
  • If the original ceiling in your home is so high, lowering it with suspended ceilings will make a cozy look.
  • It is so easy to install with the help of the right kind of tools and skilled professionals. False Ceiling in Coimbatore is available in economical and flexible designs. In case of repairs, it is easy to rearrange the panels or repair gypsum boards.

False Ceiling as Decor

As like furniture makes your building aesthetically pleasing, similarly false ceilings amp up your space. As often these ceilings are not paid attention to, their presence creates magic in a hall. When it comes to hall false ceilings, do not end your imagination with lights and paints, a ceiling creates dramatic visuals. To make your living spaces more beautiful, you can choose from numerous false ceiling designs that are available on the market.

False Ceiling Recommendations

Before the installation process, a professional designer of False Ceiling in Coimbatore have taken some considerations as follows,

  • The room should have enough height to accommodate false ceilings.
  • The material chosen should be based on the ambiance or location of a place.
  • The original ceiling should be leveled before installation, and the building leakages should be minimized.
  • The material selection may differ based on climatic conditions.

False Ceiling Installation Process

  • First, all the required measurements of ceilings (length and breadth) and ceiling to the wall (height of the false ceiling) are taken for each room.
  • Material requirements depend on the size or area of the room.
  • The ceiling leveling is done with various methods. It is essential that the ceiling needs to be on one level for the correct installation of a false ceiling.
  • After leveling, marking is done. Marking is done at a distance of 4 feet each. Then metal ceiling angle strips hooks are fixed to the ceiling.
  • Now framing is done. Framing seems to be the main foundation of false ceilings. The electrical works and wiring is completed in the framing section.
  • Anchor fasteners are used to fix the false ceiling below the original ceiling. Now the final false ceiling is installed.

All these processes are done with excellence, by SAT Interiors company of False Ceiling in Coimbatore.

Time and Cost for False Ceiling

A basic rectangular ceiling will be ready within a week. While having curvature or any other design types, the installation will take up to 10-12 days. The False Ceiling in Coimbatore is much more affordable with high-quality materials. Based on the sq. ft or area of a room the cost of the false ceiling may differ. Approximately a single sq. foot of suspended ceiling costs around 80-650 INR.

Popular Materials for False Ceiling

The materials for the false ceiling offer both functional and aesthetic features. The most commonly used materials include plaster of Paris (POP), Wood, Fibre, Metal, glass, PVC, synthetic leather ceilings, etc., Some properties of these materials include,

  • POP is maintenance-free, highly durable, and provides a smooth finish to various ceilings.
  • Gypsum is the most popular, flexible, and soft material. It has a better finish with laminates.
  • Wood panels are high in cost, but it provides a sophisticated and rich aesthetic look. It is easy to install.
  • Fibers are much suitable for applications in commercial buildings like shopping malls, retail showrooms, and offices. They are low-cost and have many functional benefits.
  • Glass ceilings are suitable for libraries, restaurants, book stores, and jewellery shops. With suitable additives, brittleness is reduced, making it suitable for the ceiling.
  • PVC is lightweight, moisture-resistant, cost-effective panels that can be used in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Metals like aluminium and galvanized iron are widely in use. They are easy to remove and re-installed.
  • Fabric or leather ceilings create a pleasant ambiance and are more functional.

With all these characteristics in mind, choose the best providers for False Ceiling in Coimbatore, to make your spaces look exquisite. Connect with SAT Interiors and acquire the highest quality services for false ceiling installation and repairs.

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